Which type of survey should I launch?

Gathering feedback from your employees has never been easier. Here is a brief overview of our powerful surveys and their enormous benefit to your organization.

You have at your disposal different types of surveys, which are divided into two different groups:

1.Strategic surveys designed with the scientific foundation by atwork. #

These are surveys that our organizational psychology experts and psychologists have designed on a scientific basis. What does this mean?

  • This means that they are top and unique surveys in the market that carry out a comprehensive analysis of all key areas that directly impact business objectives. All these areas are organized under the five most important indicators: Organization, Relationships, Leadership, Employee development, and Daily job.
  • They are ready-to-use surveys and cannot be customized as this would alter the results and the scientific basis on which they are based.

These are the scientific surveys with a scientific basis. You can see all the results on the Dashboard.

Company Health Check

  • Our top strategic survey and the first step to assess the company’s health.
  • A comprehensive analysis of all key areas (Organization, Relationships, Leadership, Employee development, and Daily job) that directly impact business objectives, such as employee turnover, absenteeism, and employee engagement.
  • Upon its completion, you receive a report for management with conclusions and a company health score that lets you track progress over time.

eNPS survey

  • A strategic survey to measure the level of employee loyalty and satisfaction within an organization. The survey can quickly provide a snapshot of how employees feel about their jobs and their company.

Action Deep Dive

  • It is an in-depth survey of specific areas considered strategically important to enable more precise action.
  • Ideal as a follow-up after the Company Health Check.
  • We support on the launch of our ready-to-use Action Deep Dives on strategic areas:
    • Engagement. Measure the level of engagement and satisfaction of your employees.
      • Enhance employee retention.
      • Improve employee morale.
      • Make data-driven decisions.
      • Track progress over time.
    • Diversity & inclusion. Measure the level of diversity and inclusion within your workforce.
      • Promote a culture of inclusivity.
      • Attract and retain diverse talent.
      • Mitigating legal and reputational risks. Avoid costly legal battles and damage to your reputation.
    • Stress management. Assess your employees´ level of stress.
      • Identify sources of stress.
      • Quantify stress levels.
      • Improve health and well-being.
      • Enhance performance.
    • Remote/hybrid work. Valuable insights into the experiences and needs of remote/hybrid work, helping you to make informed decisions and support well-being.
      • Support work-life balance.
      • Identify isolation, burnout, and disconnection, which can impact employee morale and productivity.
    • Change management. To understand how your employees react to changes in the workplace and their needs and concerns during the transition.
      • Measure the overall success of the change.
      • Identify communications gaps and employee engagement.
      • Identify resistance to change.
      • Make informed decisions about future change management practices.
    • Leadership. Provide insights into how employees perceive the leadership in the organization.
      • Measure the level of employee satisfaction with leadership.
      • Identify areas where leaders can improve to develop targeted training and coaching programs.
      • Make informed decisions about leadership development and improvement.
    • Onboarding and Offboarding. Insights into the employee experience to identify areas where you as an organization can improve.
      • It helps to develop targeted onboarding/offboarding programs to enhance employee retention.
      • Identify challenges that employees are facing during these processes.
      • Make informed decisions about future onboarding/offboarding practices.

Do you need a customized Action Deep Dive that is different from the previous ones? Contact us, we will be happy to advise you on what type of survey fits your needs.

2.Custom surveys designed by the client and which do not require a scientific foundation. #

They are designed to collect other types of feedback which do not require a scientific foundation.

  • Surveys with customized questions that you can create yourself in a few seconds.
  • For example, these could be topics such as feedback from workshops, event planning, meeting, opinions on new IT equipment, and so on.

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