Where can I find the surveys I have launched?

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In History is where you can find all the surveys you have launched.

  1. Login to your Atwork suite.
  2. On the menu click on “History”.
    • Use the search bar to find the survey you are interested on.
    • On the Ongoing tab you will find all the surveys that are in progress.
    • On the Archive tab you will find all the expired surveys.
    • On Type is specified if it’s a Pulse Check or a Custom Survey.
    • The Status can be “running”, when the survey is live and the users can answer it, or, “paused”, when is still live but the users can not answer it.
  3. Click on the survey you want to check.
  4. The survey summary is divided in 4 sections:
    • Actions: download results, pause/resume the survey, edit participants and delete the survey.
    • Details of the survey
    • Results of the survey
    • Feedback: here is where you can find all the comments the employees have left when answering the survey. You can also reply to them.


Why can I not see the “Download results” button?

There are three reasons:

  • There is no data, nobody answered the survey, or;
  • The results are protected by GDPR, or;
  • The user does not have access to this functionality.

Why can I not edit the participants of an expired survey?

Expired surveys can not be edited as the survey is already finished.

Why the results contain a lock icon?

That means the results are protected by GDPR.

Why the results contain a question mark inco?

That means nobody of the participants have answered the survey.

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