How to launch a Strategic survey

In this article we explain you how quickly you can launch a strategic survey, you can follow the below steps:

  1. Login to your atwork suite.
  2. On the menu click on “Launch”.
  3. Click on the strategic survey you want to launch.
  4. Give your strategic survey a title.
  5. Select the dimensions you are interested on launching.
  6. Select a start date, by default is today, but you can change it to a future date.
  7. Select an end date so the survey is not opened for ever.
  8. Select the notifications you want to send to the users:
    • Launch: notification send on the start date.
    • Reminder: notifications send between the launch date and the expiration date of the survey. You will have to decide how often and until when.
    • Last day: notification send the day before the expiration date of the survey.
  9. Participants, select the circles you want send the survey to.
  10. Click on “Confirm” to send the survey to the users.

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