About us

We transform the intangible into measurable. Our core competency is turning employee
feedback and people data into actions that lead to desired change. We are committed to helping
organizations measure and improve their effectiveness and create a workplace where employees
reach their full potential and drive their organization to peak performance.

atwork Timeline

atwork (formerly known as Volunty) was founded in Zurich, Switzerland.

After countless interactions with HR professionals, we focused on an unsolved challenge: How do employee feedback and HR data impact business metrics and how can HR investments be quantified? On this basis, we won two government grants from Innosuisse to create an initial scientific basis for measuring and improving employee engagement. These were the beginnings of atwork’s now extensive scientific foundation.

Further development of our software solution with the aim to support HR professionals in quantifying their work for their organization and providing them with scientifically sound and AI-driven recommendations for action that lead to desired results.

atwork raises a 3.25m Seed funding round from renowned Swiss investors to fuel the growing customer interest and ambitious plans to disrupt a saturated market. Read the article on atwork in the NZZ. To accelerate product development, atwork built a strong team of software developers, people, and data scientists in Santander, Spain.

atwork completes the development of its entire measurement solution and the underlying impact framework. With atworks Impact Framework, acting as an AI “Middle Layer”, the access to Large Language Models accelerated the further development of atworks Suite to complete proprietary Act and Impact features with the help of generative AI.

atwork offers the first fully automated and completely customized action recommendation engine, becoming the most comprehensive solution for both measuring and improving desired HR metrics – science-based, data-driven, and powered by AI. atwork raises 1.5m to further accelerate growth and pave the way to Series-A.

Stay tuned!

Meet our Team



Experts who simplify your work and supplement it with in-depth expert knowledge.


Product & Science

Where innovation meets logic to create technological magic.


Customer Success

Masters in making each experience unique, we lead our customers toward success in every interaction.


Sales & Marketing

Architects of opportunities, taking our solution to every corner of the market with wit and determination.

Our Story


We enable leadership to understand the effectiveness of their organization and identify the most impactful actions that maximize business success. 


Our vision is to make the HR department the key contributor to business success by quantifying the impact of its work on the organization.


Fearless Pursuit

We fearlessly challenge the status quo and are constantly looking for innovative ways to turn the seemingly impossible into reality and create real added value for our customers. We believe that the real excitement and progress lies in taking on challenges and overcoming the ordinary.


We are driven by an entrepreneurial spirit with the aim of empowering people leaders to make a tangible contribution to the company’s success through their work. We have the ambition to always be one step ahead of the market and only accept solutions to challenges and problems that are transformative and highly innovative for both our customers and the market.


Resilience is more than a capability for us; it is a core value that defines how we approach challenges. We meet every challenge with an unwavering commitment to succeed beyond expectations.

Holistic Personal Growth

We work hard for our success, reward it and value the content of our work. We promote interdisciplinary exchange within the scope of our diverse topics in order to develop and grow not only professionally, but also as a team, colleagues and individuals.

Professionalism and Integrity

We are a dedicated group of professionals and experts in our field. We love what we do and like to have fun doing it. We avoid politics, drama and pomposity and work constructively as a team to achieve our goals.

Open Roles

Your Uniqueness, Our Drive

Challenge the conventional and apply if it really excites you. Contribute your unique qualities to enrich our team.

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Hiring process

Our selection process is an exciting journey that brings you closer to becoming part of our incredible team! Here’s how it works:

We start with an initial look to ensure that your profile fits what we’re searching for.

At this stage, we delve deeper into your experience and skills to ensure that your background aligns perfectly with our needs and leaves a great first impression.

We explore your values, attitudes, and work style to ensure you feel at home in our work environment.

We put your skills and technical competencies to a little test to make sure you’re the right fit for the role and vice versa.

In the last call, we allow you to address any remaining questions and ensure that we’re both excited about the possibility of working together.

We can’t wait to meet you and find out if you’re the perfect fit for our team!