What’s the health index?

A health index is a way to measure and compare the overall health of a company or organization. Its purpose is to provide a simple and standardized way of measuring and comparing your company health over time.

We combine the information gathered about Health Indicators (Organization, Daily Job, Employee Development, Leadership and Relationships) in your Health Check surveys into a single number. This makes it easier for companies to track their progress over time and compare their results to industry benchmarks or internal targets. By using the Health Index, companies can take a holistic approach to improving their employees’ well-being and engagement, leading to better business outcomes.

You can find the health index in the Dashboard, the score also adapts to the circle and date filter. The colour of the gauge changes depending on the score:

  • Green: score 7.1 to 10
  • Orange: score 4.1 to 7
  • Red: score 1 to 4

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