How to create a feedback culture in the workplace

A feedback culture

Feedback is an essential aspect of any workplace. Throughout this post we will review what aspects are basic to say that an organization has a culture open to feedback and with a simple test you will know if yours is one of them. An environment that fosters effective feedback is established when employees, regardless of […]

Diversity and Inclusion: the impact on company growth

Diversity and Inclusion

You may be wondering if having a diverse workforce has a real impact on the growth of organizations. It does. In fact, several studies have shown this to be true. Here are some data. You will surely be interested to know how to build a team based on diversity and inclusion and what strategies work […]

7 tips on how to give and receive feedback


We have probably all experienced the uneasiness that can come with receiving feedback, whether it’s a performance review, the completion of a project, or an informal check-in. It is not always easy, even when we are receiving constructive feedback. In these moments, it’s important to remember that feedback is essential to professional growth. While it […]

Employee surveys: the essential guide for HR managers

Employee surveys

Leadership management, engagement, valuable employees leaving your company, employee stress and work-life balance are probably some examples of HR issues you have to deal with on a daily basis. What if I told you that you have at your disposal a powerful tool that can detect these issues before they become problems? The answer is […]

From employee feedback to business growth

All companies want to prosper, grow and perform well. Although there are many factors that make a company grow, there may be one that has not yet been given enough attention: employee feedback. Can employee feedback contribute to the growth and success of companies in the short term? How can it be done? Yes, employee […]