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Gather your HR initiatives under a shared framework that together makes up your Company's Health.

All HR initiatives are organized under a common structure of five health indicators, ensuring that the topics most relevant to employees’ daily work experience and the broader organizational context can be effectively targeted. In sum, the most relevant areas should make up your Company’s Health.



Employees’ overall experience with your organization as a whole.



Employees’ experience with their immediate leader.



Employees’ interactions with their colleagues at work.

Daily Job

Daily Job

Focus on key areas important for employees’ day-to-day experience at work.

Employee development

Employee development

Captures opportunities for personal and professional development at work.

Identify, and get insight in identifying the most critical conditions for each HR topic.

Take action on issues identified

Identify the most influential areas in driving change for the specific KPIs you have. 

Avoid the “intention trap” - use the atwork suite to ensure continuous attention and support of the actions.

Demonstrating to stakeholders the relevance of specific domains, including the impact on company health.

Measure. Act. Impact.

The three steps can be continuously applied to new employee-centered initiatives. This creates a cycle: measure, act, impact – always new and goal-oriented, each step in the cycle. 

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