Change management essential KPIs to monitor (+ Example PDF)

change management kpis atwork

Change management is not easy. It is a conversation between those leading the change effort and those who will implement it.  Every organization needs an effective system to understand how ongoing change management processes are evolving over time to optimize organizational change management key performance indicators (KPIs). Understanding these KPIs is essential to ensuring the […]

Employee engagement – how is it defined?

Admittedly: The term employee engagement is a mouthful. There are many explanations on the internet about what exactly the term describes. Most of them say that employee engagement means the emotional bond between employees and the company. The strength of this bond, according to internet knowledge, depends on the degree of an employee’s personal, own commitment […]

How Gen Y & Z think and work

The new generation strives for change – organisations in particular must learn to adapt their environments. Because no company can afford to maintain outdated structures and conditions. If young people do not feel comfortable, they change jobs. Gen Y & Z The younger generations in particular are considered uncompromising in this respect. Generation Y, whose […]

How do you get meaningful results from employee surveys?

How do you get meaningful results from employee surveys?

We all know what it’s like: you get surveys in your e-mail inbox, requesting you to evaluate a service or your own employer. The questions and answers you can select are often the same. So, most people just sign off. A low response rate is not only irritating. If the rate is too low, the […]